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Scribbler™ Robot Family Boe-Bot® Robot SumoBot® Robot Competition Kit Propeller™ QuadRover™ Stingray Robot

Propeller QuadRover


First-time programmers and roboticists

General Robotics/ Student
Most popular robot!

Competition Robotics/ Advanced Robotics Student

Advanced Robot Enthusiasts

Advanced Robot Enthusiasts

Reference Book(s)

Scribbler Programming Guides
(free .pdf downloads)

Robotics with the Boe-Bot tutorial
by Andy Lindsay
319 pages

SumoBot Manual by Jon Williams and Applied Robotics with the SumoBot by Andy Lindsay

Propeller QuadRover Programming Guide
(free .pdf download)

Assumes familiarity with the Propeller microcontroller. See the Propeller Education Kit.


S2: Propeller (inside case)
S1: BS2 OEM (inside case)

BS2 module; accepts any 24-pin BASIC Stamp module

Surface-mount BS2

Surface-mount Propeller chip

Surface-mount Propeller chip


Fully assembled with Demo Program, custom program with text (PBASIC) or graphics (Scribbler Program Maker GUI)

Versatile, Expandable, and Easy to program

For use in autonomous MiniSumo Tournaments or your own matches, breadboard for custom circuits

Fully assembled 2.5 HP 4-stroke engine and disc brakes. Bot weighs 89 pounds. Demo programs available for download. Versatile and expandable.

Two strong DC spur gear motors, Propeller chip based control board, many mounting locations, and an easily interfaced design.


IR object detection, line following, light following, LEDs, speaker, stall sensor.

IR Detection, light following, whiskers, servo control, piezospeaker

IR Detection, Edge Detection, Servo Control, customizable.

Remote control operation, carry/tow a payload, GPS, compass, and accelerometer data.

Highly customizable with a sturdy support for loads and strong motors for mobility.

Additional Support Accessories

For full details click here.

- Tank Tread
- PING)))™

- Crawler Kit
- QTI Line

- PING)))™ Ultrasonic Sensor
- Competition Ring Poster

For full details click here.

Free online Propeller Tool Programming software, and a community of Propeller enthusiasts on our forums.

Time Required to Assemble


1 hour

1 hour


2 hours

Time Required to Complete Initial Programming

Reprogrammable Preprogrammed

40 hours

40 hours

1 hour -
Demo program source code available for download.

None, assumes familiarity with Propeller microcontroller.