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    What is the BASIC Stamp Microcontroller Module?
    A BASIC Stamp is a single-board computer that runs the Parallax PBASIC language interpreter in its microcontroller. The developer's code is stored in an EEPROM, which can also be used for data storage. The PBASIC language has easy-to-use commands for basic I/O, like turning devices on or off, interfacing with sensors, etc. More advanced commands let the BASIC Stamp module interface with other integrated circuits, communicate with each other, and operate in networks. The BASIC Stamp microcontroller has prospered in hobby, lower-volume engineering projects and education due to ease of use and a wide support base of free application resources.

    What about the other companies that sell a "BASIC Stamp clone" for less? If you've looked into other products that compare themselves to the BASIC Stamp microcontroller dig a little deeper before you get out your credit card. There's much more to buying a product like a BASIC Stamp module than a feature list could possibly demonstrate. Ask about support documentation, user base, reliability and track record in industrial applications, returns, free technical support, customer service and everything else that matters (mostly after the package has arrived!).

    Parallax has prospered in the single-board computer business because we have a simple, reliable and well-supported core product. Parallax is the only place where we'll spend twenty minutes answering your questions and not ask if you're using one or 1,000 BASIC Stamp microcontrollers. Every customer receives professional service. And we will continue to offer a very generous warranty/repair and support program.

    Other 24-Pin Microcontroller Modules from Parallax
    Like the 24-pin package of a BASIC Stamp module yet still looking for something a little different? Parallax offers the Propeller-based Spin Stamp and the Java-language Javelin Stamp.

    The Spin Stamp is a 24-pin module similar in form and size to the BASIC Stamp 2 family of 24-pin modules. The purpose of this microcontroller is to introduce the Propeller processor to the engineer who wants the features of the Propeller chip and ease of placement in an existing BASIC Stamp module project. The Propeller is a multi-processing chip with eight 32-bit processors (cogs) and shared memory with 32 KB of RAM and 32 KB of ROM holding a font, math tables, and Spin interpreter.

    The Javelin Stamp module is a 24-pin DIP module programmed in a subset of the Sun Microsystems Java language. The Javelin Stamp module is compatible with any BASIC Stamp programming board with a 24 pin DIP socket. The Javelin Stamp works with all of the power supplies that we carry in stock.